Imagine…  A desert healthier than your dinner.  Welcome to Twenty 1!

Originating in Bowmanville Ontario, Twenty 1 is dedicated to all natural, organic, hand-made deserts.  Through the enduring passion of owner and operator Tijana Bogdanovic, we specialize in fulfilling your dream deserts, without breaking the bank.  Tijana embodies the Twenty 1 brand and delivers vegan, all-natural desert creations using raw ingredients; avoiding preservatives and processed food in all our addictive creations.

The next time someone offers you the desert tray, ask if it’s from Twenty 1 before second thoughts kick in.  We love making deserts with nutritional value, and we need our customers to feel great about enjoying every bite!

Please take your time, and browse our site.  It means a lot to us.  Each picture of our products shows a fine attention to detail, love and quality.  Please expect the same unwavering consistency in each order.


 We look forward to hearing from you.