Açai Smoothie Bowl


Our delightful combination of a few fresh and simple ingredients.



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Our mouth-watering super creamy base is made of ripe bananas and superfood Açai berry powder, topped with crunchy lightly roasted sunflower seeds, house made dehydrated coconut, and fresh strawberries. Açai berries are great for brain, heart and skin health. Packed with antioxidants and proven to boost immunity.

Ingredients: Organic bananas, organic Açai berries, organic sunflower seeds, organic coconut, organic strawberries, oat milk.

Nutritional Facts:  Bowl 32oz, Energy 690 kcal, Protein 10.3g, Carbs 90.8, Fat 27.8g, Good source of B6, iron and magnesium.

Gluten Free
Certified Vegan
Dairy Free
100% Plant Based
Processed Sugar Free
Sweetened with dates and local maple syrup
Handcrafted with love!

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