Twenty 1 products are Certified Vegan!  Click Here for more on what that means. 

We believe what we eat has a significant impact on all processes in our body - from physical to psychological. By eating clean, raw, enzyme rich food, we maximize nutrition, and the pleasure of eating food in its purest forms. 

The raw food diet focuses on the idea that cooking food above 118 degrees F destroys the naturally occurring enzymes and nutrients in the food.

Enzymes, proteins that exist to catalyze the chemical reactions throughout the body’s systems, are crucial to the body and affect every part of it. All the cells in the body produce enzymes for their own specific activities, such as digestive enzymes produced by glands in the digestive tract.

In our modern world, food is processed, packaged, and placed on the shelves of our supermarkets. As consumers we often forget that there is a substantial number of additives in our foods and that it has been often altered during processing, removing valuable nutrients.