Wholefoods Pantry Consultation

Change starts with a willingness to learn and the right information such as how to stock your kitchen with the right foods. If you want to transition away from processed and start eating nourishing wholefoods but you don’t know where to start, contact us and we will be happy to assist.

We offer assistance in this transition and refreshing your kitchen is the best place to begin. That is why Wholefoods Pantry Consultation is done in your home and on practical examples where we make sure you will implement everything you’ve learned.

What does the Wholefoods Pantry Consultation include?

1) Initial assessment done through a questionnaire which help us determine where you are and what need to be done to ensure success.

2) Visit to your home for a 1.5-hour healthy 'makeover' for your pantry and fridge designed to:

  • Identify the food products that are not benefiting your health and discuss some nutritious alternatives. 
  • Identify a list of wholefood staple ingredients (that fit your budget and take into account any dietary requirements and food preferences) that you can restock your pantry with so you can prepare wholesome, nourishing meals and snacks for yourself and your family.
  • Investigate nutrition information labels and ingredient lists on packaged food and discuss which ingredients to look for and which ones are the best to avoid.
  • Briefly discuss healthy meal prep tips and ideas (raw, vegan, vegetarian) as well as healthy snack and school lunch ideas.
  • Discuss how to store and organize your wholefood ingredients. 

You will receive Bonus 7 simple and healthy vegan comfort food recipes to treat yourself!

Initial Whole foods Pantry Consultation fee is $125

Save 20% by registering 2 Consultations at a time and pay $200 instead of $250. Book your spot now! This offer ends July 1st 2019.

To register or if you have additional questions email info@twenty1.ca