Change starts with a fridge and pantry stocked with real food. If you want to transition away from processed food products and to start eating nourishing wholefoods but you do not know where to begin, refreshing your fridge and pantry is the best place to start.

What does the Wholefoods Pantry Consultation involve?

  • Visit to your home for a 1.5-hour health 'makeover' for your pantry and fridge specifically designed to help you:

    • Identify the food products that may not be benefiting your health and discuss some more nutritious alternatives. 

    • Identify a list of wholefood staple ingredients (which fit within your budget and take account of any dietary requirements and food preferences) with which you can restock your pantry so that you can prepare wholesome, nourishing meals for yourself and your family.

    • Look at nutrition information panels and ingredient lists on packaged food and discuss which ingredients to look for and which ones are best to avoid.

    • Briefly discuss about healthy meal prep ideas and tips (raw, vegan, vegetarian) as well as healthy snack and school lunchbox ideas.

    • Discuss how to store and organize your wholefood ingredients. 

Skype consultations are also available.

Beside plenty of useful information you will receive 7 simple and healthy vegan comfort food recipes as a bonus to this consultation.

If interested contact us for more information.